As some of you might know we rolled out Associate Photography Packages for 2008 in addition to the wedding packages I shoot personally. With my personal schedule getting busier everyday handling the many different couples and corporate clients we knew the time would come where we had to send our business elsewhere or figure a way to handle the business without sacrificing quality and the customer service we have always provided to our clients. We managed this by bringing on Mandy and Nelson to our team. To learn more about Mandy & Nelson please visit and visit the team page where you can read their personal bio.

This past Saturday we had our first associate package couple of the season. Jackie & Sadat chose Mandy to capture their special day due to me being previously booked for a wedding at Shingle Creek. Mandy and our newest assistant photographer Tom rocked and created some beautiful images throughout the day. They were married at Tanner Hall in Winter Garden.

If you are interested in finding out more info on our associate packages please contact us through our website at or by calling us.