Back in November we were contacted last minute by Mia & Carlton to capture their small Sunday morning wedding ceremony at the Park Plaza Gardens Hotel & Restaurant in Winter Park. Once again we were lucky enough to have a very laid back and fun couple. You will see a glimpse of how much fun these guys were in the photos. Check out the boots which were a total surprise to Carlton!! =)
Congratulations Mia & Carlton!

Location: Park Plaza Gardens
Photography Team: Brian Pepper


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful bride! I am so amazed by how you capture what seems to be the true moments. Do you meet with your client multiple times in advance to get to know them so they are comfortable with you and your teams and not intimidated or shy in front of the camera? I also noticed that on your recent posts you have listed names of people who shot the wedding with you and on this particular one it was only you personally? Are you always part of the shooting team or do you send others depending on the day?

Digital Imaging Direct said...

Thank you for the compliments on our work.

Typically we meet out client a few times prior to the actual wedding day. The 1st time is prior to or on the booking day when they get to see our work in person. The 2nd time is the engagement session which is included in all of our packages since we feel we need an opportunity to get our client outside of the sales environment where we truly can get to know each other and become comfortable. It acts as a bit of a dress rehearsal for all of us and to break the ice so on the wedding day everyone is comfortable.

This particular wedding we did not have the opportunity to meet with the bride until exactly 24 hours prior to the wedding since it was a last minute booking. We had a casual meeting at a local bakery where we chatted talked about their event and schedule in more detail and 24 hours later we captured what you saw on this post.

If you visit my main site you can learn more about our packages and team members. The majority of our packages are shot by me and Nelson however we do also offer an Associate Photographer package that is typically shot by Nelson.(bio on page) Some days we are double booked . When this happens,depending on the package selected, additional team members will join myself and/or Nelson. We also have assistants who request to be part of our team to learn and gain experience and/or to build their portfolio.

If you have any further question feel free to contact us at or by visiting

Thank you,

Brian Pepper
Digital Imaging Direct Inc.